What’s a Limb Worth? IL Workers Compensation Information

Published on October 27th, 2021

Accidents happen in every workplace, no matter how well safety protocol is followed. Most of the time workplace accidents are minor and no action needs to be taken after making sure everyone involved is OK. But what happens in the case of a major accident where a worker loses a limb or becomes permanently disabled?

IL Workers Compensation Laws specify how much financial relief an individual is entitled to in the case of grievous bodily injury. It’s usually not as simple as just collecting a check, however, and getting legal assistance is imperative. Investigations, medical documentation, employee training, company negligence, and other factors need to be looked at by the courts before any compensation can be granted.

The most recent data published by the National Safety Council estimated the annual cost of fatal and non-fatal workplace accidents at 171 billion dollars.

Before we look at legal procedures and assistance, let’s take a look at what a limb is worth in the state of Illinois.

Estimating Workers Compensation Amount*

The value of a limb in Illinois is calculated by multiplying a worker’s weekly income by a number of weeks Illinois has deemed necessary for the injured limb, then multiplying that figure by the percentage of impairment in that limb. A doctor will need to specify the level of impairment a limb has suffered. Limbs are valued differently, as some injuries can be extremely difficult to overcome.

Body Part

Weeks of Compensation

Arm               312
Leg               288
Hand               244
Foot               205
Eye              160
Thumb                75
Index Finger                46
Big Toe                38
Middle Finger                30
Ring Finger                25
Other Toes                16
Pinky                15

Here’s an example of estimating the value of a thumb injury:

  • Injury: Thumb
  • Worker’s Annual Salary: $50,000
    • Weekly: $961.54 (before taxes and withholdings)
  • Doctor Impairment Diagnosis: 50%
    • 50% of weekly salary: $961.54 x 50% = $480.77/week
  • Weeks of Compensation Calculation/Total Damage Value: 75 weeks
    • $480.77 (50% of weekly salary) x 75 (weeks) = $36,057.75 (total value of damage)

Please note that this formula should be used solely for estimating the value of a limb. Many legal factors may come into play that increase or decrease the value of compensation.

*Values and percentages based on Illinois Workers Compensation Act

Workers Compensation Average Lost Limb Values in Illinois*

Workers in Illinois are compensated at a much higher rate than the national average. A recent Propublica report listed the average compensation workers received from specific limb loss and injuries.

Body Part Average Workers Compensation Total**
Arm $269,980
Leg $249,869
Hand $134,237
Thumb $61,064
Index Finger $34,083
Middle Finger $30,752
Ring Finger $24,108
Pinky Finger $18,617
Foot $135,640
Big Toe $28,312
Eye $138,890
Ear $1,660
Testicle $45,859

*Values and percentages based on Illinois Workers Compensation Act
** The values above were estimated based on data gathered by Propublica and are soley for reference values. Each workers compensation settlement in situations regarding lost or injured limbs will be different.

What is the Average Settlement for a Workplace Death?

Estimates for deaths in the workplace in 2019 put the average settlement at $1,220,000 (data from the National Safety Council).

Is Workers Compensation Taxable?

Workers Compensation benefits are not taxable at the state (IL) or federal level. You still may want to speak to a financial advisor or attorney regarding any payments and how they may affect your overall financial situation.

How Common Are Severe Workplace Injuries?

Severe workplace injuries are more common than one would think. Even with all the laws and protocols put into place for worker protection, accidents and injuries still happen. The most recent report from the National Safety Council in 2019 estimated the total cost of work-related injuries at 171 billion dollars. This averages out to $1,100 per worker in the United States.

Further, it was estimated that over 53 billion dollars of productivity was lost due to workplace-related injuries. Medical expenses related to workers compensation situations cost over 30 billion dollars, while administrative costs were just under 60 billion dollars.

This information is presented to show that severe workplace injuries are not uncommon and affect nearly every industry in some way.

What Should I Do If I Suffer a Severe Workplace Injury?

In most cases of workplace injuries, a lawsuit is the only way to receive any compensation at all. Depending on the injury, medical bills alone can be devastating, making it nearly impossible to fend for yourself without financial aid.

After a workplace injury occurs (and after you’ve followed protocols for reporting the accident and injury to your employer), it’s highly recommended that you seek professional legal counsel as soon as possible. Workplace injuries and workers compensation cases are a large part of work-related litigation. Talking to a lawyer or firm who specializes in workplace injuries and workers compensation can help you get the settlement or outcome you need.

Things you may need a lawyer to sort out in a personal injury lawsuit include:

  • Legal file openings
  • Docket information & the process
  • Credit protection
  • Lien reduction
  • Maximizing settlement payouts
  • Potential settlement advantages
  • Navigation through the legal process

Protecting Clients During Personal Injury Litigation

Personal injury lawsuits regularly bring injured people and their families twice to three times as much compensation as they would receive otherwise. In many cases, a lawsuit is the only way to obtain any compensation at all.

But lawsuits take time, and meanwhile, people have pressing medical bills and other expenses. They have to pay court costs and other expenses related to the lawsuit. Even if they are confident they will receive the compensation they need eventually, their credit is in danger now. In the meantime, they need protection.

In the field of personal injury, almost all lawyers offer initial consultations and work on contingency, meaning that they charge no attorney’s fees until a settlement or verdict is reached. 

Get the Workers Compensation You Need

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Total Guard Approach encompasses every aspect of the clients’ concerns during a lawsuit. By carefully systematizing the personal injury process, every client can be assured there will be no unwelcome surprises. The process starts with attorneys asking many questions to make sure they have every bit of information they need.

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National Safety Council – Work Injury Costs

Propublica – Workers Comp Benefits: How Much is a Limb Worth?

All monetary values and percentages in this article are based on Illinois Workers Compensation Act data.

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