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Illinois School Bus Laws

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), almost 1,577 school bus accidents occurred in 2018. Bus accidents can result in multiple and serious injuries – especially since many buses do not require seat belts.

Drivers are required to abide by Illinois laws the following school bus safety laws:

  • Two-lane roadway: All lanes of traffic must stop when red lights are flashing on the bus, vehicles in all lanes of traffic must stop at least 20 feet from the school bus to give children room to cross.
  • Four-lane roadway: Vehicles going in the same direction must stop behind the bus (children are not permitted to cross two lanes of opposing traffic).
  • One-way roadway: All lanes of traffic must stop behind the bus.
  • Railroad crossing: All school buses are required by law to stop at railroad crossings. Motorists should not pass the bus on the tracks or cross until the bus has safely crossed.

If drivers break these school bus safety laws, the penalties for a first offense are a minimum fine of $150 and a three-month license suspension. For a second offense or subsequent conviction within five years, the minimum fine is $500 and a one-year license suspension.

School Bus Accident Liability

If your child is injured in a school bus accident, you may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, as well as, receive compensation for pain and suffering. Other types of damages include loss of normal life, emotional distress, and disability or disfigurement.

To determine negligence in a school bus accident and to seek damages can be quite complex and time-consuming. An experienced Chicago personal injury attorney can help you investigate the accident, determine the cause, file a lawsuit, and seek compensation.

Seeking compensation will differ based on who caused the bus accident and injury. For example, if the bus was hit by another vehicle (car or truck), then you would seek damages from the owner’s insurance company (assuming the driver was covered). If the bus accident involves negligence by the school bus driver, then you would seek compensation from the school district, which should have insurance to cover accidents caused by school bus drivers. Recovering damages from any entity is a long and challenging process and can be more difficult when a government entity, such as a school district, is involved and therefore may require a lawsuit.

Illinois Bus Accident Attorney

If your child has been injured in a bus accident and suffered a serious injury as a result, trust the experienced Chicago personal injury lawyers at Bellas & Wachowski to handle your case. The legal team at Bellas & Wachowski are skilled in personal injury and wrongful death and they have developed the Total Guard Approach ® to ensure each and every case is handled efficiently and results in the most favorable recovery possible.

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