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Personal injury lawsuits regularly bring those who have been injured two to three times as much compensation as they would receive otherwise. And, in many situations, a lawsuit is the only way to obtain any compensation at all. While the compensation can be higher with a lawsuit, the drawback is the amount of time it takes and, at the same time, those injured will have pressing medical bills and other expenses living expenses and extra costs associated with the lawsuit. Even if victims are confident they will receive the compensation eventually, it won’t stop the impact of unpaid bills on their credit.

In the field of personal injury, almost every lawyer offers a free initial consultation and works on contingency (no attorney’s fees until a settlement or verdict is reached). But few offer the extra financial protection clients get when they hire Bellas & Wachowski. Our Total Guard Approach encompasses every aspect of a client’s concerns during a lawsuit. By carefully systematizing the personal injury process, clients can be assured there will be no unwelcome surprises. Throughout the entire process every person assigned to the case will work in an organized and efficient manner to assess and manage every aspect to ensure maximum recovery.


Total Guard Approach is just one of the ways we work with our clients in a caring and compassionate manner. In addition, we want to make certain that after a devastating injury or death of a loved one, our client receives every penny they are owed and that we do not waste time or money with inefficient work processes. Total Guard is a win-win for our attorney in Chicago and for our clients.

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