Micromobility Personal Injury Law

Published on August 8th, 2023

Are Micromobility Lawsuits Different from Standard Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Yes, micromobility personal injury lawsuits can have some unique characteristics compared to other types of personal injury lawsuits. Micromobility refers to small, lightweight transportation options like electric scooters, bicycles, eBikes, skateboards, and similar devices that are typically used for short-distance travel within urban areas. When it comes to personal injury lawsuits involving micromobility, there are a many things to consider.

Micromobility Usage

Micromobility devices often involve newer technologies and different usage patterns compared to traditional modes of transportation. This can impact how accidents occur and the factors that contribute to them.

Local Regulations & Laws

The regulatory framework for micromobility devices can vary from region to region. Different cities and countries might have specific rules and regulations governing the use of these devices, including where they can be ridden, speed limits, and helmet requirements. These regulations can play a role in determining liability and negligence in an accident.

Micromobility Ownership

Many micromobility devices are part of shared mobility services provided by companies. This introduces complexities related to ownership, responsibility, and insurance coverage in case of accidents. Determining who is responsible for maintenance, proper functioning of the devices, and providing proper instructions to users can impact liability.

Micromobility Accidents & Insurance

Unlike occupants of cars, micromobility riders often have minimal protection in the event of an accident. This can result in more severe injuries, affecting the assessment of damages and liability. Insurance coverage for micromobility can differ from provider to provider and make provider involvement difficult.


Due to the relative novelty of micromobility devices, user behavior might not always align with established norms or rules. This can complicate the determination of negligence in an accident and impact liability.

Local Infrastructure

Micromobility devices might share the road with other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Issues related to road design, infrastructure, and the compatibility of these devices with existing transportation systems can influence the occurrence and severity of accidents.

Data Collection and Evidence

In some cases, micromobility devices are equipped with sensors or GPS, which can provide valuable data for reconstructing accidents. This data can be useful in determining liability and contributing factors.

Cases with Multiple Involved Parties

In some situations, a micromobility accident might involve multiple parties, such as the rider, other road users, vehicle operators, and the micromobility service provider. This can lead to more complex legal proceedings with various parties potentially sharing or contesting liability.

Specialized Micromobility Legal Representation

Due to the unique factors listed above, micromobility personal injury lawsuits might require specialized legal expertise to navigate successfully. It’s important to consult with an attorney experienced in handling cases related to micromobility accidents if you’re involved in such a situation.

Having a lawyer look at your specific case is the only way to ensure proper legal representation. An attorney may look at your case and point out specifics that are best handled by another lawyer. Due to the unique nature of micromobility accidents and lawsuits, there are many areas of legal expertise that may be needed to properly handle a lawsuit. Some of the most important areas of legal specialization include:

Personal Injury Attorney: These attorneys specialize in representing individuals who have been injured due to the negligence or intentional actions of another party. They have experience in dealing with insurance companies, gathering evidence, and negotiating settlements or representing clients in court.

Personal Injury

A personal injury attorney can handle micromobility lawsuits involving personal injury. Personal injury attorneys have experience with cases involving various types of accidents and injuries, making them ideal candidates for any micromobility case involving injury.

Product Liability

If the micromobility device itself is found to be defective and contributed to the accident, a product liability attorney could be necessary. They specialize in cases where injuries result from defective products, including design flaws, manufacturing defects, or inadequate warnings.

Traffic Law

Attorneys who focus on transportation and traffic law can provide valuable insight into the legal regulations and standards that apply to micromobility devices on the road. They can help navigate issues related to traffic laws, regulations, and potential liability.

Insurance Law

Given that many micromobility devices are part of shared mobility services, insurance coverage and claims can be complex. An insurance law attorney can help interpret insurance policies, determine coverage, and advocate for your rights with insurance companies.

Civil Litigation

If your case goes to court, a civil litigation attorney can represent you during the trial process. They are experienced in presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and arguing legal points in court.

Finding the Best Attorney for Your Micromobility Lawsuit

When seeking an attorney for a micromobility lawsuit, it’s important to consider their experience, expertise, and track record in handling similar cases. Look for an attorney who has a deep understanding of the unique factors associated with micromobility accidents, including regulatory issues, technology aspects, and potential shared liability scenarios.

Many personal injury attorneys might have experience with a range of cases, including those involving micromobility accidents, so it’s a good starting point to discuss your situation with them and determine if they are the right fit for your needs. Attorneys who specialize in personal injury and related fields is the best place to start for any micromobility lawsuit involving injury.

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