$1.9 Million Settlement for Car Accident Heel Injury

Published on January 4th, 2023

Personal injury attorney Peter Wachowski obtained a $1.9 million settlement for a Lake County woman who suffered a fractured calcaneus (heel bone injury) because of a motor vehicle accident. The defendant in this case veered into the plaintiff’s lane of traffic and hit the plaintiff’s vehicle during a lane change. The plaintiff applied her brakes with such force that she broke her right heel bone as she slid off the road and into a tree.

Auto Accident Evidence

The defendant stated that the plaintiff caused the accident by going into her lane of traffic, but the evidence of the skid marks proved otherwise. The skid marks clearly showed that they started in the middle of the plaintiff’s lane and then proceeded off the road. The police officers assigned to the accident provided extremely accurate reporting and their detailed accounting was critical during litigation. In addition, two eyewitnesses driving behind the plaintiff testified that the defendant in the case was the cause of the accident.

Auto Accident Injury Case

In this case, the plaintiff had a double fracture through the subtalar bone which resulted in not only arthritis but ankle fusion and/or ankle replacement surgery in the future. In addition, the injury sustained also had a devastating impact on the plaintiff’s life.

The plaintiff, late 40s with children, was an avid outdoorsman. Evidence in the case showed hundreds of pictures of the plaintiff’s family hiking, skiing, and going on an annual religious pilgrimage where she walked 60 miles. Due to the accident, the plaintiff can no longer engage in the same activities.

This case lasted almost three years and the result of a $1.9 million settlement reflects the maximum limits of all the insurance coverage available.

Peter Wachowski, Personal Injury Lawyer

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